Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Handcraft Your Own Grips

I’m always looking for something that’s related to Bullseye. And on a rare occasion one of the other disciplines’practitioners comes up with something really ginchy.

My friend Igor went through a process of building his own anatomical grips for his Feinwerkbau AW93. He started with a single block of walnut, a rasp and some other minor woodworking tools. And then viola: pretty sharp looking grips materialized.

Igor started this project in late June and completed it by mid August. Obviously he crafted a very handsome set.

If you’ve ever thought of tackling a similar project, listed below are his eight easy steps on how to produce one for yourself. It appears as though you could apply this technique to just about any pistol.

I’ve read, learned and enjoyed a lot from Igor’s blog (http://toz35.blogspot.com/). Hopefully you will too.









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FEDO said...

It is real handcraft?