Friday, July 08, 2011

Gone Shooting

Like many of my peers, I’ll be leaving for the National Matches soon. So as to give fair warning to all you other shooters staying home my blog will be silent for the next two weeks.

Hopefully on my return I’ll post a write-up about my experiences—or better yet—some worthwhile events that occurred at Camp Perry this year.

My apologies to all of you. … When I sit down at the keyboard and attempt to write about this annual event, I become tongue tied. In a sense, I don’t believe I’m sufficiently skilled to properly express what most of our other friends happily encounter there. In the past as I watched things play out, I’m reminded it’s the shared experience itself that humbles me. And it’s incredibly difficult to accurately depict the collective reverence and solemn adherence to tradition that so many fine people have attached to these matches.

Oh sure, in the past I’ve used worn out clich├ęs such as: it’s a shooter’s theme park, a tailgate party 800 strong, and Perry’s Big Top Revival Meeting. Regardless how feeble or marginally accurate these descriptions are, it’s still an enlightening pilgrimage that one must experience firsthand to truly appreciate.

See ya’ll soon.

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