Monday, June 06, 2011

Perry Check List

Since the Nationals are right around the corner, my wife suggested I write a post about what items are truly necessary for one’s trip to Perry. Well, I’ve gone down this road before.

Quite a few individuals have also written about what to bring. And I don’t see the need to cover all that real estate again. So, for you First-Timers, listed below are a few helpful links from other experienced shooters that have expressed their opinions about what to expect and what to bring.

But, here’s my most basic list of needed items:

1. Guns: I’m not talking about your regular competitions guns but backup guns (if you have them). On more than one occasion I’ve had the need for one at Perry. In the past, before packing things up, I simply thought it added way too much stuff to that massive hoard I lugged there anyway. In prior years, I’ve kissed over 100 points goodbye due to my frivolous zeal to get out the door a little too quickly.

2. Cleaning Supplies: Don’t scrimp when deciding on what to bring with cleaning supplies. And a modest inventory of useful tools can be a lifesaver too. Sooner or later you’ll know what it’s like to shoot a match in a downpour. Only later wishing you had hex wrenches and screwdrivers to take the side plate off your drenched revolver. A small spray can of oil such as Ballistra is real handy for hosing your pistol down to assist in repelling rain water.

3. Rain Gear: As mentioned in the above paragraph, it rains there and there’s no cover on the firing line. They don’t stop matches due to inclement weather, only if it’s an unsafe situation. And it’s not uncommon to see people bring foul weather boots if the forecast is rainy for their week of shooting.

4. Bungee Cords or Tie Down Straps: The wind at Perry is legendary, and for many, it’s a different type of (ready on the trigger) shooting than most of us do at home. Since there’s nothing to block the wind, gun boxes have been known to take off on their own, leaving a debris field in the grass from their endless number of contents.

Immediately upon your arrival to the bench, strap your box down. And long before you arrive to the line, get rid of all the unnecessary junk in your box.

5. Cart: You’re not going to get much accomplished, or possibly you’ll be worked to death, if don’t bring some type of cart. Why? Because there’s only one set of turning targets, whereby you’ll be assigned to two different benches. And you’ve got to lug a total of nine backers with all your other stuff at the same time from the 50yd line bench to the 25yd.

6. Ammo: Use this link to determine the amount of ammo that you’ll need. But my basic observation is: most people don’t bring enough. Determine how much you’ll need by the events you plan on shooting, add some more for alibis—and while you’re at it—add some for practice and zero verification.

Don’t place yourself in the situation of having to make do or come up short. In years past, I’ve actually assembled rounds by the box that were intended and labeled for specific matches—and other boxes labeled for practice. So, I never felt as though I’d run out.

7. Brass Deflector: Even though most (but not all) shooters use brass catchers, those pesky .22 rounds seem to fly anywhere they want. And for the service matches—well—ballguns seem to throw brass into the most unexpected of places.

8.Sunscreen: You’ll be out in the open for hours-on-end, especially if you decide to shoot the team matches in the afternoon.

9. Batteries: Since I’ve made note of how open and uncovered Perry is, there’s a practical need to crank up the brightness on sights. Before going, place fresh ones in your sights and make certain you bring a few extra along as well.

10. Glass Wipes: Regardless if you use prescription glasses or simply safety glasses, sweat or rain will eventually distort your vision. Wipes are a quick and inexpensive way to restore good vision, in a snap, to your sight picture.

11. Cash and Credit Cards: Commercial Row is notorious for having one of the largest collections of all the best, or at the very least, really ginchy stuff this side of the Atlantic Ocean. And with the reemergence of the swap meet at Perry, there are deals to be had—provided you have the cash.

12. Don’t Go Alone: I remember going to Perry for the first time in 2007, and I went by myself. Lucky for me I paid real close attention to the advice that was offered by kindly and helpful strangers. But it would have been a lot less stressful had I traveled with someone who did it before. At the very least before the schedule heats-up on Tuesday, try hooking up with others attending that you know, to help steer you safely through the days’ events by avoiding any major calamities.

…And they’ll probably already know where all the good restaurants are too.

So there you have it, the most basic of items you’ll need. And if this is your inaugural journey: may your new adventure be far more than you had expected.

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Ed Skinner said...

May all your shots feel great, Tony. And a little luck to you for the wind and rain! (I'll be "watching" from White Plains NY and Littleton CO.)